Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

Emergency Dental Treatment For Child

Kids should start visiting the dentist from a young age, ideally around two years of age.  At this stage, our dentist not only checks the teeth and gums for signs of early decay and poor oral hygiene, but also identifies correct jaw development and habits such as dummy or thumb sucking which may lead to severe malocclusions in the future.  It is also important to have a good experience for kids’ first dental visit, so they can develop a positive relationship with the dentist and get into a life time of good dental habits.

At Caulfield south dental surgery, we offer a range of kid’s dental treatment such as mouthguards to prevent sports related dental injury, fissure sealants on permanent teeth to prevent decay starting in grooves of back teeth, and myobrace to correct malocclusions early. We also offer emergency dental treatment for children.

My child doesn't eat a lot of lollies, but he still gets cavities, what can I do?

Sugar comes in many forms in modern day life.  While it’s great the child does not have a sweet tooth, we need to have a look at his/her diet, and make sure he/she is not getting excessive amounts of sugar from other sources which may seem healthy, for example, fruit juice, yogurt bars, dried fruits such as sultanas. With sugar, it’s not the amount that’s eaten which is important in causing tooth decay, but also the frequency it’s consumed. Once we have eliminated excess sugar, we can then look at correct oral hygiene measures, and may recommend the child have extra fluoride in the form of  tooth mousse to prevent furthur cavities.

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s teeth, whether it’s just a dark spot on a tooth, or maybe a permanent tooth coming through sideways, or an emergency dental treatment, please contact our surgery to arrange for an appointment.

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