Dr. Shujia Cheng

Dr Shujia Cheng - Emergency Dentist in Caulfield South

Dr. Shujia Cheng graduated with honours from Melbourne university in 1995, she has been working in general practice in Caulfield south for more than twenty two years. Her special interests are in orthodontics and implant dentistry.  She is passionate about professional development and keeping up to date with the latest advances in dental technology.  Some of the many courses she has done after graduation from her bachelor degree include: 1-year UCLA/gIDE master clinician course in implant dentistry and a 2-year progressive orthodontic seminars programmed. Recently, she travelled to Los Angeles and trained with Dr. John Chao for the Pinhole gum rejuvenation technique.

Outside of dentistry, she is a keen cook, enjoys exercising and spending time with her family.

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