Your Child’s First Dental Visit – How to Prepare them and What to Expect

Your Child’s First Dental Visit – How to Prepare them and What to Expect

There are many milestones in a young child’s life, and among them is their first dental visit. All of us want this to be a pleasant experience for our child, and hopefully this leads to a lifetime of good habits and oral health.

Generally speaking, the recommended age for this first visit should be around two and half years. As a parent, how do you prepare your child for this? First of all, it’s important to talk to your child as you would if they are going to the hairdresser or doctor for the first time. Also, refrain from using phrases such as “be brave”, “it would not hurt” etc. The implication is that it would hurt and be unpleasant. Instead let your child know the dentist is going to use small mirror, check and count all their teeth. Please also let us know when you make the appointment that this is going to be your child’s first dental visit, so we can allocate the right amount of time, and prepare the surgery. In this visit, we would like to have the child sitting with the parent on the dental chair for “a little ride” first. So the child gets accustomed to the surroundings. Then our dentist will show the dental mirror to the young patient, even letting them touch it first, only then she would ask the child to open their mouth wide, and count all the teeth. At this stage, most if not all the primary or milk teeth would have come through. The teeth are checked for decay, adequate spacing for future teeth and if there are any bite/genetic abnormalities. Of course we will also let you know if oral hygiene is good.

Do not be discouraged if your child does not cooperate at this age. This can happen, and most likely in another six months, they will behave differently. At Caulfield South Dental Surgery, we offer a complimentary check-up for kids up to school age when they come in with your routine dental check-up and clean. This can be done every 6 or 12 months. We recommend to have the child’s teeth checked first, then they can play in our kid’s corner or in the surgery room. Often if they watch the parent’s visit first, they can lose patience or be put off by sounds and noises from the procedure done.

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