What Can I Do With The White Spots On My Tooth?

What Can I Do With The White Spots On My Tooth?

Case study using Icon resin infiltration technique.

Many patients present with white spots on their teeth. It rarely causes pain or discomfort but can be a cosmetic concern. There are many passible factors which can cause white spots, such as fluorosis, accumulation of plaque, dental trauma, dietary influences such as too much sugar and enamel hypoplasia.

Picture of White Spots on Teeth

White Spots On My Tooth

Depending on the cause and extent of white spot lesions treatment can vary from bleaching, microabrasion to veneers. Recently we had a patient who came in after finishing a course of orthodontic treatment.

She had unsightly white spots on almost all her upper teeth. Understandably, the patient and her parents were very concerned with the appearance and wanted to have conservative treatment to improve the aesthetics without pain or drilling.

After discussing different options, due to the patient’s age (teenager), we decided to use Icon Resin Infiltration Technique. For this procedure, we etched the teeth for 2-3 minutes at a time, which opened the microtubules leading down to the white spots. After repeating this several times, we applied the infiltration resin which flowed into the micro-tubules and filled the defects.

As can be seen from the before and after photos, a very pleasing aesthetic result was achieved. All without any pain or the use of a drill. Contact us on 0395 237 530 to schedule a time.

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