Myobrace – a case study

Myobrace – a case study

Myobraces are appliances that offer an effective alternative treatment option for kids with orthodontic problems. The following case study shows a young boy treated successfully in our practice without the need for conventional braces.

Steven ( not his real name) came to the surgery end of 2016 when he was 8 years of age. His mum was very concerned about a permanent tooth that was coming out high up in the gum. Steven himself felt self conscious about his smile. On examination, there was not enough room for this adult tooth to fit in Steven’s mouth ( please see attached photo p2). After a lengthy consultation with Steven and his mum, myobrace treatment was selected, rather than waiting until all of Steven’s adult teeth would come through, and then having conventional braces. Steven ‘s mum felt myobrace would provide correction of the problem early, improve the child’s self confidence and possibly avoid any future tooth removal.

Photo P2


As a young child, Steven was quite motivated to wear the myobrace appliance initially, for 1-2 hour during the day and at night time. As time went by, his motivation would drop, however, as he saw how the tooth had come down into proper alignment, he was more inclined to wear his myobrace appliance and follow the myobrace exercise regime.

At the end of 2 years, this upper incisor tooth had slotted nicely into his dental arch, without any tooth removal at all. Steven and his family are very happy with the results, as can be seen in the second photo. See photo P1.

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