What You Want To Know About Dentures

What You Want To Know About Dentures

With all the advances in modern dentistry most people expect to have all their teeth for life. Sometimes, unexpected events may happen, and your dentist might suggest a denture as a cost-effective way to replace a missing tooth/teeth.

What are dentures:

They are removable appliances that replace a single tooth, a section of teeth or your whole dentition. They may be a metal or an acrylic material and can have some “hooks” that attach to existing teeth.

Pros and cons of dentures.


  • they are cost-effective and low-maintenance
  • they can be placed on the day of tooth removal i.e., an immediate denture, so you are not without teeth for any lengths of time
  • they can look very natural and feel comfortable once you are used to it
  • dentures can replace some lost facial tissue and make your face look fuller and younger


  • some soreness can happen before new dentures settle in
  • your speech, swallowing, taste may be affected
  • some people experience increased gagging reflex and saliva flow
  • time and persistence are needed so you can get used to dentures as quickly as possible
  • dentures are removable so you may feel it rocking or moving with eating, yawning, or sneezing
  • dentures can break if dropped onto a hard surface and they will wear out over time. Replacements are needed every 5-8 years

Immediate dentures near me

Immediate dentures are temporary prosthesis made to replace teeth on the day of extraction. They are often used when front teeth are lost, usually for a period of 3-6 months while patients wait for permanent restoration such as dental implants or a bridge. They also can be used in cases where a full clearance is done (i.e., all natural teeth are to be removed), so that the patient is not without any teeth for an extended period. In these instances, relining of the immediate dentures are required after 3-4 months. With immediate dentures you can expect a good cosmetic replacement of your missing teeth. But because these dentures are made prior to teeth extraction, they will have a loose fit in your mouth compared to a conventional denture. Because they are fitted on the day of teeth removal, there will be more pain, bleeding and soreness involved. Usually, you will require more after care visits to your dentist after having an immediate denture inserted.

If you are still unsure if dentures are suitable for you, please call our office on 95237530 to arrange an appointment.

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